EVERYONE wants their wedding reception to be the party of the year! You know, that one celebration that keeps guests talking for months and months on end.

Well, here’s how to make the next wedding to remember YOURS…

1. Limit the number of people being introduced.
Introductions are meant to kick off the party. That means this should be a moment of high energy and excitement. However, if your guests have to endure a long list of introductions then they’ll lose their natural enthusiasm as they wait for the newlyweds to enter the room.

Photography Credit: Kelsey Regan Photography

2. Follow the first dance up with a mini dance set!
After introductions, we recommend you keep the party going with your first dance. As soon as your first dance ends, your band should transition into a fast-paced dance set for all your guests to enjoy. These few minutes of energy and excitement will set the tone for your event and get your guests excited for the party that’s to come.

Photography Credit: Sweet Monday Photography

3. Keep the number of toasts to a minimum.
Any more than three speeches can be a real buzz kill. We recommend scheduling your toasts during dinner and limiting them to three people at five minutes each.

Photography Credit: Jenny Moloney

4. Invite your guests to join in during the last verse of your parent dance.
Everyone LOVES a slow dance. So, schedule your parent dances for the end of dinner and invite your guests to join in on the last verse. When the song is over your band will transition into party music and your guests will be on the dance floor ready to rock!

Photography Credit: Gabrielle Marks Photography

5. Once the entrée is done, the party shouldn’t stop.
After dinner, the dance floor will open and you should keep it open for the remainder of the night. If you pause the dance party for formalities (like a cake cutting or a bouquet toss) then you’ll disrupt the momentum that your band is building.

Photography Credit: ReadyLuck Photography

6. Cut your cake off to the side.
So, instead of disrupting the dance party, you should cut your cake off to the side. Notify your photographer (so you’ll have the perfect photos) but don’t announce it to your guests.

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

7. Limit the number of guests who join the band.
Do you have musically talented people in your life? Then you may want them to pick up an instrument or sing with the band. However, we recommend you limit this honor to one or two people in your inner circle. Any more than that and it’s no longer a special moment for that important person and it becomes chaotic for the band.

Photography Credit: Brian Leahy Photography

8. Trust your band to do what they do best!
Every crowd is different and the band can feel that out. Allow your musicians to pick the right music for YOUR guests.

Photography Credit: Zofia & Co.

9. If you do request a song then make sure it’s something EVERYONE will enjoy.
Far too often, couples choose music based on their own preferences and not their guests. Yes, this is YOUR wedding but if you want to have a fun dance party then you need music that will engage the crowd. So, keep your guests in mind when you request a song.

Photography Credit: Snap Weddings

10. End the night on a high note!
If you extend your event too long then you risk the chance of people leaving. It’s an extremely long day and guests get tired. So, stick with the standard reception time and close out the party with your guests wanting more!

Photography Credit: Clark + Walker Photo