It’s the morning of a big gig and there’s so much to do!

Preparations start about 8 hours before the event. We round up all the necessary paperwork (song requests, charts and event information) and become reacquainted with the specifics of the upcoming celebration. Then, we pack the car full of equipment and fuel our bodies with an energizing meal that will keep us rockin’ until dinner.

After carefully mapping out the route and checking for traffic we make our way to the venue. If it’s the summer and we’re heading to a busy vacation spot like Maine or the Cape then we’ll be in the car for hours. Eventually, we’ll arrive at our destination with 3 hours to unload and set up before guests arrive.

Photography Credit: Kat Newland Photography

When the party begins we ignite the crowd with enthusiasm and talent. We pay close attention to the event’s timeline making sure we hit all the special requests. Then we feed off the crowd and keep them dancing until dinner.

Photography Credit: Kat Newland Photography

When the guests eat, we eat and we recharge our batteries for the final set. Then, we head back out and crank up the party keeping guests on the dance floor until the night’s end.

Photography Credit: Suzanna March Photography

After the last song, it’s time to clean up.

It takes us at least an hour to break down and load out. Once our car is repacked and ready to roll we head back home to unwind and reset for another round of performances tomorrow!


Feature Image Credit: Kelly Lorenz Imagery