Once you book the entertainment for your event then it’s time to start thinking about your playlist. The good news is, if you hire a professional entertainer then you don’t need to create a long list of songs to cover hours of dancing. Instead, we recommend you share up to twenty of your favorite songs or just your favorite genre of music. If there are any songs that you don’t want played, then that information is helpful as well. After that, your entertainment professional will take it from there!

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A good band is like a live version of Pandora Radio. By telling them your favorite songs ahead of time, they’ll go in to your event understanding the type of music that you want to hear. Then, during the party, they’ll keep a close eye on how your guests are responding to the performance and they’ll make adjustments accordingly.

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In the end, the band’s ultimate goal is to engage your guests and keep them dancing.

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The secret to keeping guests on the dance floor is creating a good flow between each song.

If you’re planning a wedding, then part of that event flow will include traditions like the first dance and parent dances.

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For those special moments, it’s nice to request specific songs that have meaning to you and your loved ones. However, we recommend that you still look to your entertainment professional for advice on timing. A good entertainer will know how to balance these meaningful traditions with a lively dance floor full of guests.

That’s why the best advice that we can give you is to trust your entertainer. Give them the freedom to read the crowd and create the flow that’s necessary to keep your guests dancing all night long!