Tis the season! Wedding season that is! As you get closer to your big day it’s important to confirm the details surrounding your wedding toasts.

Photography Credit: Brianna Wilbur

The first decision you have to make is WHO. Who should say a few words on your wedding day?

We recommend no more than three people give a speech during a wedding reception. Usually these three people are the best man, maid of honor and father of the bride. If there are more guests who’d like to give a toast then have them speak during the rehearsal dinner!

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

Now that you know who will be speaking, the next question is WHAT should they say?

If the bride’s father is speaking then he should provide a welcome toast (greeting the guests and thanking them for coming). Meanwhile, the best man and maid of honor should give a speech that provides some insight into the bride and groom’s life together. Sweet and funny stories that allow guests to learn something they may not have known about the bride and groom are always a big hit!

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

Speeches are an important moment that you want to capture on video and in photos. So, if you’re wondering WHERE you should have these speeches, then our answer would be to ask your photographer. Every floorplan is different which means there’s always a different place that works best. The good news is, if you’ve hired a company like Night Shift Entertainment then the microphone for these toasts can go wherever your photographer sees fit.

Photography Credit: Glenn Cooper Studios

Now, you’re probably wondering WHEN these speeches happen…

If the father of the bride is giving a welcome speech, then he should kick off the night as soon as everyone is seated for dinner. Then, your best man and maid of honor can give their toasts once the first course is served. This timing creates a great flow that’ll keep the night moving!

That being said, it’s still important to address HOW long each speech should be…

We recommend you ask each speaker to keep their toast under 3 minutes long. WHY? Because everyone is there to celebrate and we want to get you up to dance and party!

Photography Credit: Hitlin Photography