Tented weddings allow the bride and groom to begin their marriage in a place of personal significance — a childhood home, family vacation house, or favorite retreat — that is both unique and intimate. Furthermore, tented weddings give the bride and groom control over such details as the schedule, food, lighting, and decor for their wedding day.

Just married couple enters their reception to cheer

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One of our priorities at Night Shift Entertainment is to alleviate the stress of wedding planning so that each of our clients approaches their wedding day with confidence and excitement. Therefore, when a client is having a tented wedding, we tell them that the key to avoiding stress is to be prepared; and to this end, we encourage our clients to keep the following in mind:

The weather: rain, snow, blazing sunshine, or thunder and lightning — no matter what, make sure that you, your guests, vendors, and all electrical equipment are covered. Literally!

And speaking of electricity, you will need a lot of it for your tented wedding: lighting, catering, heating (or air conditioning) will all need a source of power — for one of NSE’s bands, the sound system alone will require three 20-amp circuits on separate breakers.

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To safely provide this much power, our advice is to hire an electrician.

The band’s sound system raises another point to consider: noise ordinances. Nothing kills a dance party faster than a visit from your local law enforcement (unless they’re on the guest list!), so be sure to find out the decibel limits for your neighborhood, and relay them to the band ahead of time.