Many people imagine walking down the aisle long before their big day arrives. They dream about the way they’ll look and feel but what about the sound in the air?

The first step when selecting your ceremony music is to choose a style of sound. Do you prefer formal/classical hymns or something a bit more light/contemporary?

The style of music that you choose helps dictate the type of musicians that you bring on board. If you’re looking for something more formal, then a string trio or harpist will suit you best. Meanwhile, contemporary music sounds great with an acoustic guitar!

Once you’ve chosen the style of music and musicians, it’s time to pick the specific songs.

There are usually only two songs that make up a ceremony processional. The first is a long piece for the bridal party and parent entrance while the second song is exclusively for the bride and her father.

Tunes like “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri and Canon in D work great during this part of the program as they’re both soft / slow songs that build the perfect ambiance for the ceremony that’s ahead.

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

Once the ceremony comes to an end,  it’s time to celebrate!  Your recessional song should reflect the excitement in the room as your wedding party leaves for the reception.

Photography Credit: David Murray Weddings

Ultimately, you’re only selecting three songs for your wedding ceremony. However, each musical number is important as it sets the tone for a moment you’ll never forget!