Why Choose a NSE Band Or DJ For Your Wedding Or Event…..

We want your experience with NSE to be enjoyable and rewarding. Our team is available to listen and answer questions to help you make an informed entertainment decision, whether it’s a live band, DJ, or one of our esteemed ensembles.


Commonly Asked Questions


Why Night Shift Entertainment? 

Our bands are unique to Night Shift Entertainment.  As a buyer, you can feel confident that you have come directly to the source.

Our reputation for providing the best live entertainment in Boston stands alone in the industry. We are the most emulated company of its kind. The level of client relations and customer service we offer is unparalleled and draws the highest praise from not only clients, but also wedding industry professionals who have come to expect the very best from us.  In fact, wedding professionals view us as the gold standard and continually come to us for industry advice. 

Night Shift Entertainment has been an integral part of thousands of successful events. We’ll make you feel at ease during the planning process and walk you through every detail from start to finish.

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What makes our bands different?

It starts with the musicians. Our team maintains an active relationship with all of our musicians to ensure everyone is working in tandem. We employ a meticulous vetting process in our pursuit to provide the most exceptional vocalists and musicians.  As a result, our performers deliver with passion and energy, providing a live musical experience that is unmatched.  Additionally, we produce our bands internally which allows us to maintain and exceed the level of quality our clients have come to expect.


How much does a band cost?

There is no set pricing structure for NSE bands. Band cost varies depending on many factors which include, but are not limited to the event date, location, performance hours and number of musicians. Most importantly, it is demand that dictates a band’s price. Bands are not created equal, and the best generally come at a premium. We are committed to providing our clients with the best value possible.


How many muscians and what instrumentation is best for my event?

Our bands start with seven musicians as well as a dedicated sound engineer. This core configuration, generally consisting of male and female lead vocalists, saxophonist, bassist, keyboardist, drummer and guitarist, will completely captivate your audience as well as keep the dance floor full all night.  At the recommendation of a team member, you may want to consider adding extra instrumentation which can enhance the visual presentation as well as augment the band’s sound.  Additional musicians often include, but are not limited to horn players, vocalists and percussionists.  


How soon do I need to contract entertainment?

Demand for live entertainment is very high in New England, so we recommend that our clients contract their entertainment, as well as other important vendors as early as possible. Clients often believe that they are early to the game in their search for a band a year, or even two prior to their event.  As a rule, if you are researching vendors that far in advance, there are others doing the same. Generally, the best entertainment gets contracted first. If you want the best, look early and make a decision as soon as you are comfortable.


Can we choose our own music?

Our bands maintain extensive song lists which cover many styles and genres. We welcome your input, however, it is important to allow the band professional flexibility to do what they do best, which is lead the party.  The vast majority of what gets played at every wedding are songs that “work” and pack the dance floor. Too much deviation from this strategy can impede the flow of the evening.  Also, keep in mind that even though some of your favorite songs are great, they may not appeal to the majority of guests or be a song that gets the party going.


Will the band learn new songs?

We realize that there may be a song or two that you had your heart set on that is not listed on the band’s song list. NSE bands maintain the most robust and diverse repertoire in the industry. Often, our bands have performed songs that just did not make it to their list. There is a good chance that the band may already know your song. If not, we are happy to accommodate your song requests. Please give us sufficient notice so that the band has adequate time to prepare.


Does the band emcee and make announcements?

Yes. Our bands have professional emcees that will make announcements as well as help facilitate your event. They will coordinate with planners and venue managers to ensure the flow of your event is flawless.


Can the band’s contract be extended the day of my event?

Yes, our bands are available to play additional time provided that there is approval from the venue for the entertainment to continue. Once you have made a decision to extend, please inform the on-site band leader as early as possible so they can tailor their repertoire and manage the flow of the event accordingly.


Does the band take breaks?

It is important to us that your event be seamless from start to finish. We will work closely with you and your event planner to make sure that band breaks are coordinated and the timing is appropriate so as not to impede the flow of the party. Our dedicated sound technician will have a playlist ready that starts the second the band breaks, so there is no disruption in music.  

There are times when clients require continuous live music throughout the entire event. This is not part of a standard band contract, but can easily be arranged for an additional fee. 


Do the bands travel?

Our Bands perform frequently beyond the Boston area. New York City, Connecticut, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Vermont, Maine, Florida, the Caribbean Islands, are just a few of regions that we have frequented. Please consult with a team member to discuss the details of your special event.