Communication, Communication, Communication!

It’s the only way to make your event run smooth. Good communication is crucial before and during your event. It’s important to share your vision and plan with every vendor, especially your band.

Photography Credit: Kim Lyn Photography

Beyond song selections, your band needs to know what formalities are taking place and the estimated timing for it all. For example: If there’s a first dance, will it take place before or after dinner? If there are speeches, who will speak and when?

Photography Credit: Jay Lim Studio

As your emcee, your band needs this information to keep the event running at the time and pace you desire.

Photography Credit: Summer Street Photography

However, if you don’t have the time or energy to keep all of your vendors informed then consider hiring an event planner. A good event planner is an expert communicator. They get all of your vendors the information they need and they keep everyone on track while the party is going strong.

Photography Credit: Summer Street Photography

So, in the end, as long as someone is communicating with all of your vendors,  you’ll be able to enjoy a fun and stress free event!