Most couples don’t envision themselves getting married during a cold and snowy New England winter. However, we think this season makes for one spectacular wedding!

There’s something about a winter wedding that’s absolutely magical. Between the sparkle in the snow and the coziness of a crackling fire, it’s truly a romantic time of year.

This season doesn’t just bring the perfect ambiance, it also ignites the desire to get out and party!

Photography Credit: ReadyLuck Photography

Cabin fever is real!

After a short break from the holidays, you’ll find that everyone is itching to get out of the house and celebrate with a great band!

Photography Credit: ReadyLuck Photography

Without competing events and vacations, your wedding will likely be the one event everyone is looking forward to this season.

Photography Credit: ReadyLuck Photography

The same rings true for your vendors.

January through March is easily the quietest time of year for weddings in New England. Your first choice vendors will likely be available and they’ll probably offer you off season pricing. That means you can plan the wedding of your dreams at a discounted rate!

So, give your friends and family a reason to celebrate this winter and consider planning a romantic celebration with a snowy backdrop!