Move over 2019, and make way for the beginning of a new decade! We thought it would be best to end 2019 with a review of some of 2019’s wedding receptions trends.


Over the past year, we have seen this tradition start out as a game-show-esque introduction of the entire bridal party. As the year went on, however, introductions became shorter and shorter until it was only the bride and groom being introduced, for the first time. Not only is this short, simple, sweet and elegant, but it also puts all the focus on the newly-weds; as it should be, since it’s their big day.

Hudson band performs at wedding in New York with Night Shift Ent.


First Dance

There were two major trends this year for first dance. Now, the first dance only refers to the first time everyone in attendance gets to see newly-weds dance together.

The first trend is to have the first dance start as a slower, choreographed song and when guests are invited to join in, it picks up, turning it into a dance set before formalities, such as speeches, and cake cutting.

Bride and Groom first dance with Night Shift Ent.

The second trend is to start the first dance before anyone arrives to the ballroom. This way the guests walk into room to see the newly-weds having an intimate moment.

Parent Dances

Not everyone has parent dances, but if you do, the 2019 trend is to have both sets of parents on the floor at the same time. They can either start together or join in after about a minute.

Father daughter wedding dance with Night Shift Ent.

But we all know, the mother-son dance has nothing on the father-daughter dance. Just scroll through your feeds and you will see countless choreographed father-daughter dances. Many of them start out slow, then move into a fun and often times hilarious dance. We would say this is just dad trying to show off his dance moves but we all know the only reason dad agreed to wear sunglasses and get down to “Jump on It” is so he doesn’t cry too much.


Formalities are becoming, well, less formal. 

Toasts are being kept to a minimum. So instead of having the whole bridal party stand up and recall all the embarrassing things you did before you found the love of your life, now it’s usually just the father of the bride, maid of honor and the best man. Thank you, 2019. 

A toast is given at elegant Vermont Wedding

Garter toss! No. Bouquet toss? Maybe. Over the course of 2019 we have seen less and less of the tosses. We have seen, however, a bouquet giveaway to help a guest in need of the perfect proposal.


Think big, think bright and think Instagram worthy.  What better way to end the night than with fireworks, sparklers or cannon confetti! Fireworks make for a great photograph backdrop, but they are also a nice and eye catching way to bring your guests together at the end of the night to help wrap up the festivities. 

Bride and Groom watching their wedding night fireworks