Music is arguably the most import focal point of your reception. From choosing your first dance, to keeping the dance floor rocking all night long, music really drives the energy of your big day. So, your biggest choice is…do you select a band or a DJ? Here are a few tips to help you decide which is a good fit for your party.

Jermaine entertains audience at elegant wedding

Photography Credit: Molly Quill

Live Bands

Our bands have incredibly talented musicians who can perform a wide range of music. The combination of the vocalist’s powerful singing, to the bass drum keeping the beat of the music can make you feel like you’re at concert at your own wedding.

Our bands ability to transition from song to song making it more like a DJ style, except it’s all performed right in front of your eyes. Our bands really play along with your crowd to make it extremely interactive.

There is no arguing that having a live band has an energy that you cannot match. From the minute they step onto the stage, to the moment they end the night, they will catch the attention of your guests leaving them yelling for more and remembering the night for years and years to come.

DJ spins for corporate gala

Disc Jockeys

DJs are incredible as well. Your DJ will MC from beginning to end of your night and manage all your requests in the exact way you want to execute them. The great thing about DJ’s is they will always play the original version of every song. So, if you love a certain song by a very specific singer, your DJ can absolutely cover that.

DJs tend to be more budget friendly for your event. In effect, you’re paying for one to two people when you hire a DJ rather than seven to ten people when you hire a live band.

At the end of the day, quality music is quality music. Great entertainers will always stand out to your guests and leave them feeling elated to have been a part of your big day. Always make sure you do your research and stick to a reputable company with good reviews. Whatever your preference is, go out, get on the dance floor and enjoy the night with your friends and family and let your entertainment — entertain.