Most couples list entertainment high on their wedding planning priority list. In fact, one of the first things people book when they’re engaged is a band and/or DJ. However, there is more to entertainment than just securing the talent.

Here is a list of additional details you don’t want to forget!


Pianist warms up crowd during cocktail hour

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Many couples are so consumed with the dinner reception music that they forget all about the ceremony and cocktail hour! That’s two whole hours that need musical coverage (1/2 hour of prelude music, 1/2 hour for the ceremony and 1 hour for the cocktail reception).

It’s up to you whether you book a string ensemble, hire musicians from your reception band or fill the air with music from your IPod. However, whatever you decide to do, you’re going to need a sound system.


Couple exchanges vows during wedding ceremony

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If you have over 50 people attending your wedding, you’ll want to consider how everyone will hear the ceremony.

We typically recommend a wireless lavalier microphone for your officiant as well as a wireless handheld microphone (on a stand) for you and your readers.


Top Boston wedding band performs at corporate gala

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Once the ceremony and cocktail reception come to a close, then it’s time to party!

Every Night Shift Entertainment band includes seven musicians. However, depending on the size of your venue and your guest count you may want to add more members to the band.

If you like the energy that a larger band can provide then we recommend you add horns (trumpet/trombone) or a percussionist (bongo/conga drums). These musicians will fill up space and drive the energy so high that you’ll want to keep the celebration going with an after party.


Best DJ in Boston electrifies the crowd at barn wedding

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When planning an after party you have two options for music: hiring a DJ or using your IPod.

Of course, an IPod is more affordable than a DJ. In fact, an after party DJ tends to be more expensive than most couples anticipate. When you book a DJ for your after party you’re paying for their inability to book another event earlier in the evening. So, you may only need them for an hour or two but the pricing often reflects the entire night that they no longer can work.

That being said, whether you hire a DJ or use an IPod, you’re going to need a sound system. If your after party is in the same location as your reception then the easiest option is to plug into the band’s system. You’ll have to pay a bit extra for the extended time, however, the transition from reception to after party will be seamless.

As you can see, the ceremony music, the ceremony sound system, band size and after party music are important elements to consider when planning a wedding. Don’t over look these vital details and work with your entertainment company to make sure you’re covered!

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