The Hora has become a staple in every Jewish wedding reception.

It’s an Israeli folk dance packed with energy and excitement and if you or your fiancé are Jewish then you’ll want to include it in your day!

Night Shift is the best band for the Hora

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

The most common time to partake in this popular cultural tradition is either before or immediately after dinner. However, there are a couple of reasons why we’re partial to dancing before the feast begins.

First, it’s easier for guests to jump around prior to filling up on the meal that’s ahead.

In addition to that, the Hora serves as a great ice breaker. The excitement that surrounds the famous circle dance loosens everyone up and sets the tone for the event.

Crowd dances the Hora to the best Jewish music in Boston

Photography Credit: Molly Quill

Regardless of when you choose to initiate the dance, you’ll want to make sure it lasts for just the right amount of time.

The average Hora runs about ten minutes long. It begins with guests standing hand in hand. They step forward and back while moving in a circular motion to the sounds of Israeli folk music.

The hora done right with Night Shift Entertainment

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

The most common song you’ll hear during the Hora is Hava Nagila. However, at Night Shift Entertainment, we perform a medley of music and we sing it all in Hebrew!

Leyna sings a hora with one of Bostons best bands for Jewish music

Photographer Credit: Benedicte Verley Photography

As the music picks up, a few strong guests lift the honorees high above the dancing crowd.

Groom is hoisted on a chair during hora at his wedding

Photography Credit: Molly Quill

Once in the air, the bride and groom take hold of a napkin as they’re bounced up and down.

Couple dance the Hora during their wedding

Photography Credit: Molly Quill

After a few moments of dance and cheer, they return to the ground so their parents can take their place.

Parents of the Bride lifted on chairs during the Hora dance

Photography Credit: Molly Quill

As we said, the entire Hora lasts about ten minutes. However, it’s important to give the band flexibility. If guests are engaged and having fun then it’s okay to continue dancing. But if you’re losing people on the dance floor then it’s best to cut the tradition short and end it on a high note.

Ultimately, the Hora should always be lively and fun. It’s spirited dance from beginning to end!

Feature Image Photography Credit: Person + Killian Photography