Ceremony sound is the number one element that most couples forget while planning their wedding. If you’re having a ceremony anywhere but inside a church then you have to consider how your guests are going to hear what you and your officiant are saying.

Couple hold hands during their wedding ceremony

Photography Credit: Brumley & Wells

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as pulling a microphone from your reception band/DJ. Your reception sound system is extremely large and immobile. So, you’ll need a second system that can accommodate your ceremony.

Every wedding is different but the average ceremony requires a wireless lavaliere microphone for the officiant, a standing microphone for the vows and readings, some speakers, a mixer and a technician to make sure everything sounds perfect!

If you’ve hired string musicians for your ceremony, then they’ll play acoustic. But, if you’re playing prerecorded music, then be sure to inform your sound technician well before your big day.

Harpist of Night Shift Entertainment plays during a wedding ceremony

In the end, your guests will be traveling near and far to witness you and your partner exchange vows. So, consider your ceremony sound and make sure they can hear every word!